Creative Work Is About Enjoying The Process, But Sadly, The “Numbers” Don’t Let You Do That

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I’ve been writing online for a couple of years now. As much as I love writing stories and connecting with people, I also enjoy making money. I mean, who doesn’t like it when people read and appreciate their work? Who doesn’t love making money doing what they love?

However, I sometimes feel sad for not getting as many views or making as much money as expected. This directly impacts my writing process. I must write a better piece the next time to get more people to read my work. I want to write more because it will help me make all the $$$.

This means that I’m writing for the reward, not because I love spending my time typing words on the internet that nobody reads. My intention has become to get more views and make more money. Although I still love and enjoy writing, my ultimate motive has changed.

It wasn’t my conscious decision. I started writing online to help inspire people and share my knowledge with the world.

How did my intentions change? I’m not sure about it.

Most online creators face similar situations. They began creating content with a different purpose, but now, they are on a different journey of chasing views, likes, and money. They used to enjoy the process but now enjoy different rewards.

Creative work vs. algorithms

Most creative people want to create something meaningful, whether art, writing, music, or film. They want to share it with an audience to make their work worthy.

The internet has opened the doors for creative people to share their work and connect with their audience. It has given creators multiple opportunities and made it easier for people to find their work.

However, the internet has also caused a shift in the purpose of these creators. It has made creative success more about numbers than about their work. For example, if you get over 100k views on your YouTube video, you are considered a better creator than someone whose video got only 10k views.

The algorithms are affecting creative success. Creators also have a false belief that numbers define their worth, so they pursue that.

Creative work is about enjoying the process

Every creator gets into their work because they enjoy the process. They like the idea of creating meaningful work. Most of them do it for themselves in the beginning.

However, others impact their work once they share it and attract an audience. They are not sure whether they should build for their audience or themselves.

Then, the numbers come in. The views, likes, shares, responses, and earnings severely impact the creative work.

Every creator wants to produce great stuff that they are really proud of. They want their work to reach people’s hearts and connect with them deeply. However, the rewards can make the creator seek the numbers instead of completely immersing themselves in the creative work.

They are stuck between the choices, trying to determine their true purpose.

This should be your motivation

As a creative person, your job is to produce work you enjoy, such as writing, music, art, or movies. You can’t succeed at it if you don’t love what you do. It’s simple.

However, your work should simultaneously provide value to an audience. And even if the people don’t resonate with your work, it shouldn’t bother you. You are enjoying the process and consciously making improvements to make your work worthwhile.

The numbers you gain are out of your hands. For example, you cannot predict the number of views, likes, and earnings you gain from your video or article. You also do not know the exact number of people who buy your music.

However, you can give your all and produce your best work. It’s within your control. You can also enjoy the process of making creative work despite what the numbers on your screen tell you.

Prioritize what matters to you. Don’t seek rewards that are out of your control. Instead, focus on doing your best and enjoying the process.

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