What I Learned Spending 30 Minutes Every Day In Solitude

woman riding kayak at the middle of the sea

When did you last spend time alone to think or simply enjoy the present moment?

We are living in a world filled with distractions. Most of your time is occupied by work, family time, smartphones (and other tech devices), Netflix, social media, or friends.

Even when alone, you get busy using your phone, reading a book, or napping.

You have no time to think or spend on yourself. You do not even have time to be bored because there are hundreds of ways to entertain you. People spend hours every day scrolling social media and other apps. We have Netflix and other entertainment platforms one click away from giving us the cure for boredom.

Do you remember when you sat quietly and did nothing?

By “nothing,” I mean spending time with your thoughts or enjoying being you. You didn’t have any distractions. You were simply observing things around or inside you. It could be looking out the window, enjoying the beautiful weather, closing your eyes, and embracing your internal emotions.

We no longer have time to spend in solitude because of all the external noises.

Solitude is not loneliness

Spending time alone does not mean being lonely. Solitude is a conscious choice. You choose to be alone because you want to enjoy your time thinking and embracing the present moment.

On the other hand, loneliness is a lack of companionship. It occurs when one has nothing to do or no one to spend time with.

Being lonely for a longer time can be a problem. It can cause mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. However, consciously choosing to spend time alone to focus on what matters is a necessity that most of us lack.

We need time for ourselves

Our focus has been all over the place. We constantly engage in activities that we think are good for us, such as reading the news, watching YouTube videos, talking to our friends, or doing excess work.

Because of our diversified focus, we cannot prioritize our time on what truly matters. We have lost the power to concentrate on one essential task. Instead, we want to accomplish more, which isn’t always good.

Bill Gates takes a week off twice yearly to spend in solitude. He lives distraction-free with no smartphone or computer. In other words, he takes a “Think Week.” Bill disconnects from the outside world and focuses on reading, thinking, analyzing, and visualizing. He physically moves out and spends a week alone in an isolated cabin in the woods.

Bill Gates’ Think Week is one of the reasons he has succeeded in so many aspects of his life and business.

You don’t have to isolate yourself for a week like Bill. But, it is crucial to take a break from your work and focus on yourself. Spending at least a few minutes a day for yourself is essential. It gives you time to clarify thoughts, enhance creativity, improve productivity, and reset your mood.

Ten minutes a day

That’s all it takes for you to experience the benefits of solitude.

What can you do in those ten minutes?

Start by practicing mindfulness meditation daily. Ensure that you spend at least 10 to 20 minutes a day sitting quietly and observing the present moment. You can also focus on your breathing to improve your focus. Research says you can even change your brain by practicing mindfulness meditation daily.

You can also write down your thoughts and emotional state in a journal. Journaling can clarify your thoughts and help you overcome challenging problems.

Going for a walk in nature and observing things as they are can also be an excellent exercise to experience the benefits of solitude.

Identify which activity gives you the maximum benefits. For me, it’s 10 minutes of meditation twice a day. Sometimes, I go for long walks without listening to music or audiobooks. I observe the things and people around me. I become mindful of my thoughts and write them in my daily journal.

Surprisingly, these activities helped me generate creative ideas and solve my problems.

Final thought

Most people are addicted to their smartphones. Not having their phones around them is the most challenging thing for them, especially in a public place alone.

It’s time to let go of these addictions and take control of your life. Practice spending time in solitude daily and see how your life transforms. You will have better health, thinking ability, creative ideas, and other benefits.

Are you ready to take control?