Don’t Quit Just Yet. Good Things Are Coming Your Way.

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You’re having doubts.

  • That project isn’t going to work out.
  • Writing isn’t for me because I don’t see any results.
  • I’m not made for this business.
  • I don’t enjoy my job anymore.

We all have these thoughts at some point in time. It feels as if nothing is working out, and you feel horrible for trying to pursue it. So, you think about giving up altogether. You want to do something else and hope for a better outcome.

But what if the same happens again? What if you experience doubt and think about quitting again if you don’t see progress?

Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t quit just yet.

It’s a test. The universe wants to see if you can handle it. Everybody enjoys the good moments. You’re happy when things are going great and wish to enjoy more of such times. However, most of us can’t handle it when things go wrong. So, we give up.

You can win only if you can get through the tough times. People who do difficult things become stronger and more resilient.

It’s crucial to remain calm and believe in yourself when things aren’t in your favor.

The best thing you can do is take action and try something you haven’t done before.

When times are tough, we usually believe nothing will work. We become clueless and feel stuck. The best thing to do during such times is to try a different approach. Meet new people, visit new places, read a book, and try to find the best way out.

However, it won’t guarantee a positive outcome instantly. It could take weeks, months, or even years to overcome them and emerge as a winner.

You must persist when times are tough. Let them be lessons to get stronger.

I wanted to quit writing when I didn’t see the results I wanted on Medium and my blog. I took a few months break, but that didn’t help. Unfortunately, I lost more than I gained. I got some views and made a little money when I was writing. My newsletter was doing well. Unfortunately, all that went away when I decided to quit. So, I returned to writing after a few months, and things took off well.

I persisted for a few months, and now, I can see positive results. During the tough times, I blamed Medium and its algorithm. I had many excuses for why things weren’t working. Then, I realized it wasn’t any of those. Instead, I was not taking responsibility for my actions.

For instance, if your writing isn’t showing results, hang in there. Persist. It might not come right now, but when it does, you will thank yourself for not quitting.

The same applies to your business, relationships, work, passion, or health. Don’t quit just yet. Patience and persistence are necessary for success in any area of life.

“Sometimes, it takes ten years to get to that one year that will change your life.” — Unknown

When to quit?

Hanging in there and persisting doesn’t mean it’s wrong to quit. Sometimes, you need to let go of things pulling you down.

It’s okay to quit when your job, partner, or business is affecting your physical or mental health and making you miserable. Quit before things get worse.

Letting go is also essential when you aren’t passionate about something. Losing passion for your craft can have a negative outcome, so it’s best to let it go and find something you genuinely love doing.

However, keep going if you know you are made to do something. Hold your passion tightly. Work on it. Difficult times make you stronger. Don’t quit just yet.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” ― G. Michael Hopf