It Only Takes One Piece Of Your Work To Change Everything

man in black and white checkered dress shirt drinking from brown and white ceramic mug

Many writers chase virality.

But nobody can deliberately go viral.

It’s something I learned after years of writing online. I thought writing viral articles was easy if we just did some things right. However, it was only after writing over 200 articles that I learned the real truth.

It’s not that you cannot get people to click and read your articles. You can surely do that with catchy headlines and images. Your headlines are the first step to getting people to see your work. Then comes the image you use. They also have a crucial role, although less significant than the title.

Even if you master your headline and image, it doesn’t guarantee that thousands of people will like your writing. Again, there are ways to write a good story by working on the structure and formatting. But these won’t magically work if your writing isn’t worth the reader’s time.

The solution is not to focus on going viral but to produce work consistently.

The more work you produce, the more you learn. This increases your chances of getting more people to see your work. As I said, you cannot guarantee which piece of your work will go viral, so it’s best not to focus on writing for the sake of it.

Your job—as a creative person—is to create. You produce a high volume of work because you like doing so. You enjoy the process of writing (or painting or making music or any other creative work).

Treat every piece of your work as your best. Work hard on producing it as if it’s the one that will change your life. However, (this is the hard part) do not get attached to the outcome. If your work doesn’t do well, let go of it and move on to the next one. Remember, it’s the process you enjoy. Why let the outcome bother you, then?

Do not get carried away if your work does well and gives you the expected results (goes viral). Enjoy the moment and be grateful. However, remember that you must still work on a new one tomorrow. It means that the outcome—whether it’s good or bad—should not get into your head.

You create magic when you prioritize the creative process instead of the outcome.

Show up. Produce daily.

What happens when you do that?

  • You learn.
  • You show your work.
  • You gain self-confidence.
  • You attract new opportunities.
  • You increase your chances of going viral.

The more you create, the more likely your work will take off.

There will be obstacles. You might not see the results. In fact, more than eighty percent of your work will go unnoticed. Only ten or twenty percent of what you create will get you some genuine attention.

You shouldn’t stop, no matter how your work has performed in the past.

Keep going. Keep producing new work.

Remember, it only takes one piece of writing to change your life. That “piece” could come anytime and from anywhere. You cannot control how or where the results will arrive. The only part you can control is showing up, doing the work, enjoying the process, and producing consistently.

“Sometimes, it takes ten years to get to that one year that will change your life.” — Unknown

  • One blog post can change your life, but you might have to write 100 to get the one.
  • One piece of painting can change your life, but you might have to paint 100 to get the one.
  • One hit song can change your life, but you might have to produce 100s of songs to get that one.

You get it.

Great artists became so by producing more work.

Look at your favorite musician, singer, painter, writer, or photographer.

Did they become great by producing only a few pieces of work?

I’m sure that wasn’t the case. Instead, they produced hundreds of songs, art, blog posts, and photographs. They learned from their mistakes, showed up, and kept going. And when the time came, one of their best work (not chosen by them) changed their entire career.

The rest became history.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for inspiration; it’s not coming. Don’t wait for the right moment; create it now. Show up to do the work.

Consistency is often an overused term in the pursuit of success. But there is a reason for that. It works.

Start piling up your work daily. Enjoy the process, and keep going. Learn from your mistakes. Get inspired by others. That’s how you get that one piece of work that will completely change your life and career for good.