The Coronavirus in Nepal – Lockdown, Work From Home, and More

The world is facing a common problem at the moment – COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Thousands of people have been affected all over the world. As of writing this post, 349,807 cases have been confirmed across the globe. China has the highest number of cases with Italy following, with the maximum number of deaths (approximately 5,000).

Hi, my name is Biliz. I am starting this blog to share my thoughts and ideas on different topics that I enjoy exploring. What a day to start blogging. The world is self-isolating, with fear of the Coronavirus. So am I. And, I have officially begun to “Work from home”.

I always wanted to start a blog but never really did. I just gave myself some dumb excuse and never started. Since I have to stay home for literally 24 hours/day now, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally start a blog.

This is not yet another post about the awareness of the Coronavirus. You can find thousands online. I am not gonna tell you to go wash your hands, don’t touch your face, cover your mouth when sneezing, or don’t go out in crowds. If you want to know about the virus, go to the WHO site or just Google it (which I think you have already done by now). This post is about my experience with the whole situation regarding the virus and how it has affected my life.

Coronavirus in Nepal

Nepal has not seen the effects of the Coronavirus…YET. Although things are changing slowly – people are staying home, wearing masks, traffic has decreased, the virus has not shown its true colors as it has in other countries, like China or Italy. And, I pray to god to not let the virus come to Nepal. I have seen a few videos online and on TV of the patients who are suffering from the virus and I obviously feel devastated. Nepal, being an underdeveloped country, will be doomed once the virus starts spreading here. I just saw this video by Sisan Baniya the other day where he visits the only hospital where the virus can be tested in Nepal. Watching the video, it’s quite clear that there is no real possible test and treatment for the virus yet.

Most of the Nepalese are self-quarantined at the moment. People are working from home. A few months ago, we’d only heard about the virus and how it has affected China and a few other countries. Things were normal. We would see and hear about the virus on the news or on Facebook posts. But, things are way too serious now. Who would have thought that it would impact the entire world? Now that Nepal has finally felt some effect, things are definitely not the same anymore. So what can we really do about it now? Honestly, there is nothing we can do at the moment except staying home, spreading awareness, and helping each other in any way possible…without getting infected. We can hope for China and other developed countries to find a cure soon. Let’s fight this together by not being together. Stay safe!