The Power of “Choice” And Understanding You Are In Control

Woman Wearing Sunglasses and Jacket Smiling

Every moment, we are choosing something. Waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, kissing your spouse, and working at your job are all your choices.

Understand that everything that happens to or will happen to you is your choice.

You impact everything that happens to you unless it’s something out of your control, like the weather or natural calamities. In that case, there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it.

The power of choice works both ways. It can serve you for good or create misery in your life. For example, choosing to work at a horrible job will have a negative impact. Finding another that isn’t as miserable as your current one would be best. You have a choice. Similarly, starting the business you have always wanted will help you serve people and earn money. You can choose to start it now.

Often, people think they are not in control because they have been programmed that way since childhood. Their parents and school have only shown them a straightforward path to living life.

  • Work hard to earn money.
  • Get married and settle down with kids.
  • Do well in school to succeed.

These are some basic examples of our programming.

Parents and teachers should have taught us the power of choice and how it helps us do more in life.

Some people understand they do not have to settle for these ideas. They know they can do more than what they have been told.

If you are stuck in your old program, it’s high time to re-think it.

Your actions and feelings reflect your choices. You can choose how to act and feel about a situation.

Remember, it’s not what happens but how you respond to it that matters.

You have the power to choose your response. For example, if a narcissist is trying to provoke you and get you to react a certain way, you have the power to respond subtly and not get affected by their behavior. You can remain calm and exercise your power.

Your thoughts, actions, and emotions create your reality. And you are in control of them. Again, you can choose how you think, act, and feel. Life doesn’t just happen to you. You create it whether you want it or not. So, why not be conscious about your choices and build your reality how you want?

Get a piece of paper and write what you want. You can choose anything that feels right. Don’t limit yourself. You can achieve anything if you set your intention and consciously act towards it.

Make a list of things you want, and then write the choices you can make to achieve them. What thoughts, actions, and feelings will help you achieve those things?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself taking action and exercising the power of choice. How do you feel? The image you see results from making the right choices to achieve your goals.

Remember, you are in control. You can choose to be happy, work towards your goals, and take responsibility for your life.

Everything happens to you because of the choices you make.