Progress, not perfection.

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The only way someone can succeed and reach their highest goals is by progressing towards it.

Success isn’t something you can grab in one go. To master the skills for success, you must practice them consistently without losing enthusiasm. You must get through the tough times and come out on the other end undefeated.

Discipline and persistence are two essential traits for progress. It applies to any creative work or business.

Most people chase perfect outcomes. They want the best results all the time.

Although it isn’t wrong to aim for the good, it’s also essential to remain practical and consider progressing rather than finding perfection.

As a writer or creator, you want good results for your work. In other words, more views, likes, engagements, followers, subscribers, or earnings define your worth. You consider your work to be exemplary only if these numbers are high. You seek the outcome.

Success isn’t always about the results. You don’t consider yourself successful only when you achieve specific goals. Instead, success happens when you try and put in 100% effort. The growth in your progress is also a success, although people and society might consider it otherwise. That shouldn’t matter because these progress milestones will help you reach the top sooner.

“You’re not a failure if you don’t make it; you’re a success because you try.” — Susan Jeffers

Aim for progress rather than perfection.

You don’t control the outcome. You can’t. Instead, you only control your effort. Aiming for a perfect result every time is setting yourself up for disappointment because it’s not in your hands.

Success is about progress. It’s about the system you build that keeps you on the right path.

Being outcome-driven is also essential. However, being emotionally attached to the outcome isn’t good. For instance, wanting perfect outcomes and then not getting it will have a negative impact on you. You might lose self-confidence and believe you aren’t worth it.

However, understanding that failures and setbacks are part of the process and choosing to persist will take you closer to your goals.