The Art of Writing Online

Before I begin today’s piece, I’d like you to fill out a seven-question survey that will only take 30 seconds of your time. The survey is entirely anonymous. My goal is to know who you are so I can write more valuable content for you. I would really appreciate it if you would complete the survey

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Practice ‘Writing Therapy’ To Create A Better Life For Yourself

Writing therapy is a form of expressing your thoughts, feelings, and emotional state in written words. Studies have shown that writing how you feel can help you overcome different types of mental diseases. Writing with traditional pen and paper is rare because of smartphones and social media apps. Instead, we communicate through text messages, video calls, and emails.

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A Quick Reflection

This is my 50th post on this blog. A year ago, I had never written a single article because I did not know I could write. I started this blog out of boredom during the COVID-19 lockdown. Today, it has become a big part of my life. What started out as a way to pass my

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