Start Before You Are Ready

Many aspiring bloggers ask me how to start a blog and write articles as I do. I tell them just to start writing what they want. They often get confused. What topic should I write about? What should I name my blog? What if nobody reads my articles? I’m not good at writing. They have

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Always Do Your Best

“Concentrate every minute like a Roman” —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. No matter what you do, do your best. It can be the work at your job, creative work, or simply a hobby. Your actions are always in your control. So give your hundred percent every time. Don’t hold yourself back because of other people’s opinions or

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Always Stay A Student

A student is someone who is studying at a university or other places of higher education. That’s the definition by Oxford Languages, according to Google. In our society, a student is someone who goes to school or college. So, once you complete your academic studies, you are no more a student. That’s not quite what

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