Let’s Talk About Money

I woke up this morning thinking a scary thought about money. I imagined multiple scenarios where I would have no money at all.

Life would be tough. I wouldn’t be able to live the life I wanted.

Then, I realized how important money was. People say all kinds of stuff; money can’t buy happiness, money is the root of all evil, and money doesn’t grow on trees. These statements sound true, but in reality, money is extremely important.

Imagine your life without money. What if you go broke tomorrow? You have zero balance in the bank, your house gets taken away, you can’t buy food, and you can’t travel anywhere.

Scary. Isn’t it?

I had similar thoughts this morning, making me want to do more with my life. Even though I am making a decent income, I realized it was not enough.

I recently wrote an article about how you can become rich by wanting less. That’s right; you can be rich if you have fewer desires — as I said in my article. You can enjoy life and live happily if you don’t constantly seek the need to own more stuff.

But what if you don’t want less? You want more. You want to enjoy the luxuries in life — a lovely house, vacation with family, drive a fancy car, enjoy financial freedom, and do what you want with your time.

What is wrong with wanting all those things?


I found a Floyd Mayweather interview online where the interviewer asks, “Why does it always come to money?

Floyd: Why not? I mean, everything you got on costs money. Everything you do costs money. You can’t take your wife on a date for free.

Interviewer: Is that how you measure your success?

Floyd: No. Me, I’m loyal and honest. And I’m a good person. And I call a spade a spade. Money don’t make me; I make money. And without money, I’d be the same person.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money. Every human that wants to live a good life seeks money, even if they deny it.

For instance, I see people online talking about how you shouldn’t run after money and how it makes your life miserable. Ironically, most of them make such content to make money.

If someone online tells you they don’t want to make money and are just spreading information, they are lying. Every online creator wants money. Nobody creates content for free. Maybe at first, they will. But once people start watching/reading their stuff, they think: How can I make money off this?

Stop denying your want for money because you feel you will be judged. We all need money because it’s a necessity for survival today.

If you want to make a lot of money, go for it. Aim for millions, maybe even billions. You don’t have to limit yourself.

As I said, the desire for money is not wrong. It’s normal human behavior.

However, the path you choose to make money can be evil. Suppose you become a scammer and take away people’s money. That isn’t good.

Be genuine. Create valuable content that helps people. Use your skills and work on your passion. Start a business that does good to people and makes the world a better place to live.

Making money is not easy as simply wanting it. You have to put in the effort. It could take years of hard work to get to where you want. But if you set your intention and action correctly, you can do it.

That’s what I believe. And after this morning’s incident, I’m not holding back. It was an eye-opener for me and gave me a reality check.

Let this post be your reality check.

What are your views about money? Do you think we need it? Or do you think it is evil and we must not go after it?