5 Practical Tips To Build A Reading Habit That Sticks

how to build a reading habit that sticks

Reading is a significant part of my daily routine. Ever since I started a reading habit in 2016, my life has changed drastically. It has changed my perspective on life. Additionally, it has had a positive impact in all areas of my life, including health, finance, career, work, and relationships.

Many people say that they want to build a reading habit, but somehow, they fail. They start reading a book but cannot finish it (or, in some cases, don’t even finish the first few chapters).

How can you build a reading habit that sticks?

In this article, I will provide some simple tips you can use.

1. Read at the same time every day

I have found that most readers prefer reading at a specific time of the day. For me, it’s usually in the morning (8 am to 9 am). Sometimes, I read at night before bed.

Pick a time that is suitable for you. Set aside at least 30–60 minutes a day for reading.

Read at the same time every day. Do not let anything distract you during your reading time. You can even switch off your phone to avoid phone calls and notifications.

2. Stop reading everything

Beginners make the mistake of reading everything. You don’t have to read line-by-line of every book.

Skip the topic or chapter that is irrelevant or uninteresting. It’s okay to do that.

3. You don’t have to finish the book

Your goal is to learn something from the book you read. It is not to finish the book.

It does not matter if you read 100 books a year if you don’t learn anything from them.

If you don’t find value in a book while you are in the middle of reading it, stop reading it. Instead, read another book. I have done this many times.

It is a waste of time trying to read something you don’t want.

4. Read multiple books simultaneously

That’s right, don’t stick to a single book. Read multiple books simultaneously.

You must be thinking, “I am having a hard time reading one book, and you are telling me to read multiple books at the same time?”

When you have two (or more) books to read, you can switch between them. That way, your mind is not stuck to the same book.

I usually have two books on my table. When it’s my reading time, I pick up the book that I feel like reading at that moment. Sometimes, I switch books in the middle.

5. Have the next book ready

Reading is a habit. It means that you should do it every day.

Having the next book ready keeps the reading habit going.

Suppose you finish reading a book. What do you read next? If you don’t know yet, it might take some time for you to figure it out. And, by the time you decide it, your reading habit could be broken.

So, to keep the habit going, you must always have the next book ready before you complete the current one.


I hope these tips were helpful to you. Try them. See if they work.

Always remember, reading is a habit, not a hobby.

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