12 Online Writing Tips That Will Guarantee Success

How to succeed at online writing? There are many tips and tricks you can find online. However, it can get confusing to differentiate the ones that work from the ones that don’t.

Throughout my online writing journey, I have tried different techniques to improve my writing. Some have worked, and some haven’t.

In this article, I will discuss 12 tips for aspiring writers to improve their writing game. These tips have helped me with my writing. I guarantee that they will help you succeed if you follow them.

1. Write more

The only way you can become better at writing is by writing more. It helps you learn and improve your work over time.

Write all the time. Don’t worry about views, likes, comments, and earnings. These metrics will improve as a result of your consistency with writing.

The more you write, the better you become at it. Focus on creating high-volume content with consistency. Remember, quantity leads to quality.

2. Consume more

Writing is consuming — reading books, watching videos, following the work of other writers, reading their articles, and learning more about writing.

It is easier than ever to consume content in the internet world. How will consumption help in writing?

  • You will have more writing ideas.
  • You can find inspiration.
  • You can learn from others.
  • It helps you grow your creativity.

3. Follow other writers

I’ve learned more about writing from other writers than anywhere else. Whenever you read a good article, check out the writer and follow them. If they have a blog, check that out too. Subscribe to their email lists and newsletters.

You will learn a lot from them. Most of them share their knowledge for free. Try to engage with them on social media too.

If you follow some excellent writers and consume their work, you can excel in your writing to a great extent.

4. Share your work

You can’t expect people to find your work by chance. You have to market it actively.

In today’s world, having the skills is not enough. They need to be marketable. There are a lot of good writers. If your work doesn’t stand out, people will never find it.

Leverage social media. Post your work consistently there. Also, post content that might help people in some way. Let people know that you exist. Get your work in front of them.

The good thing about sharing your work online is that it can reach people worldwide. If one famous person in your network re-shares your work, it can reach thousands of people from their network.

5. Provide value

The goal should always be to provide value to your readers. Creators who keep the audience in mind while creating have a high chance of succeeding.

Writers write for an audience. Know your audience and write to help them.

Keep experimenting if you are just starting and haven’t identified your readers’ preferences yet. Write on several topics and create high-volume content. Eventually, you will know who read your articles and what they like reading from you.

6. Share your experience

People connect with you more when you share your experience. All of us have life experiences that we have learned from. Share that with your audience.

However, don’t make it all about yourself. Always include something for the readers too.

People will believe and trust you more if you have real-life experiences. Be true to your audience. Don’t make up fake stuff just to get more views.

7. Treat writing like a job (or business)

Successful online writers have a proper writing routine and strictly follow it.

Having a system is crucial. It can also be challenging to stick to your routine.

Treat writing like a job (or business) even if you are not a full-time writer. You won’t be serious about it if you don’t do so.

Maybe online writing is your side hustle. You might be doing it for some extra money or just because you love doing it. Whatever the reason, treat it with all seriousness.

8. Build an email list

An email list is probably one of the crucial aspects of building an audience. Many creators underestimate an email list. But it is a handy tool that can significantly boost your work online.

Collecting emails from readers should be your primary goal as a writer.

Start a newsletter and email your subscribers consistently. Don’t spam them. Instead, send helpful posts, articles, links, news, etc. You can also email them about your new product or service.

9. Collect ideas

One of the most challenging aspects of online writing is finding writing ideas.

Writing ideas are easier to find if you are consistently showing up. Surprisingly, writing more makes it easier to find new ideas. On the other hand, if you are inconsistent with your writing, it becomes harder to find writing ideas.

Keep an idea journal to find writing inspiration. It can be a notebook or an app on your phone. Write the idea whenever it pops up in your mind.

More on writing ideas here.

10. Practice freewriting

Freewriting is when you write whatever is on your mind without considering grammar, structure, and typos.

You also don’t have to worry about publishing. You just write what you want.

How freewriting can help you improve your writing:

  • Freewriting builds your writing muscle.
  • It enables you to develop a writing habit.
  • You will be able to think of new writing ideas.
  • You will know your preferences as a writer.

11. Edit hard

When you write, focus on the writing. Don’t try to edit while you write. Leave it for later.

You must write in a flow state because you wouldn’t want to lose your ideas. Write whatever is on your mind while writing.

Edit hard after you have finished writing your draft. But remember, don’t edit right away. Do it the next day or a few hours after writing.

Don’t be generous while editing. Remove all the clutters and unwanted sentences and words. Read the entire piece out loud. Edit multiple times before you hit the publish button.

12. Do interesting things

Writing is directly correlated with how you live your life. Ryan Holiday’s advice on writing is: Do interesting things.

When you do interesting things, you will have something to say. You will have experiences and lessons to share. Your experiences and lessons can inspire other individuals, which is what you should aim to do.

Thanks for reading.

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