Progress, not perfection.

The only way someone can succeed and reach their highest goals is by progressing towards it. Success isn’t something you can grab in one go. To master the skills for success, you must practice them consistently without losing enthusiasm. You must get through the tough times and come out on the other end undefeated. Discipline […]

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Start Before You Are Ready

Many aspiring bloggers ask me how to start a blog and write articles as I do. I tell them just to start writing what they want. They often get confused. What topic should I write about? What should I name my blog? What if nobody reads my articles? I’m not good at writing. They have

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How To Get Anything You Want

There is a lot of “life advice” on the internet. People have all kinds of stories regarding how to achieve your desires. But, the process I’m going to discuss is not any law of attraction hack. I’m not going to tell you to write it down, think about it, visualize, meditate, or affirm it over

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Success Is About The Mindset

“Work hard to achieve success.” We’ve all heard it from our parents, teachers, and the so-called online self-help gurus. It is what we believe to be true. If you do not work hard, you cannot achieve success in life. But what we are missing out on is that “hard work” is only a part of

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