I Read 3 Books a Day. Here’s How.

Okay, the title might come off as a little misleading. But, hear me out.

I read 3 books a day. Yes, that’s right. But that doesn’t mean I finish the books in a single day. Hence, the might-be-misleading title.

Reading is something that I do every day. I not only read books, but I also read articles and journals online. It has been a part of my everyday life. Whether I am at my office or at home, I am always reading something online.

Reading Books

Reading was not always my thing. Before, I only read textbooks. Once I got into the habit of reading something other than my textbooks, my life took a paradigm shift. It felt like I had discovered this whole new world.

I picked up my first book four years ago and I haven’t stopped since then. I love to read. In a way, it completes me. It was not always like that though. I used to struggle to finish a single book. It would take me months to finally complete one. I would even leave some books unfinished because either I couldn’t complete them or I would get bored.

Like any other habit, it took some time to get used to the habit of reading. Today, I am an intense reader. My day feels incomplete if I didn’t touch a book. I used to read only non-fiction books, mostly self-help. But now I read other genres like fiction and biographies too. Reading not only allows me to get more informed about things but it gives me the experience of studying the minds of different authors. It’s like having a conversation with the writers without having to meet them in person. That “someone” could have passed on already and I could still have a conversation.

Reading has become a part of my life that I can not let go of very easily.

How I Read 3 Books a Day

For someone who struggled reading a single book and took months to finish it, it seems unlikely to be able to read 3 books a day. It wasn’t easy. But it doesn’t seem like a big deal now.

Here’s how I do it. It was a matter of persistence and enjoying the process. I am a morning person. I read my main book every day in the morning for at least 30-60 minutes. That’s my book number 1 of the day.

I have also developed a habit of reading before bed. But I read a different book at night. Although I am very lazy and have little energy at night (because of the all-day work), I still try to read something. It does not matter if it is only a few pages, I read. That’s book number 2.

I read another book while I run. It’s not a physical book. Instead, I listen to an audiobook. I usually go for a run in the mornings. I used to listen to music during my runs but now I have started listening to motivational books instead. That’s book number 3.


Why 3 Books?

You might be wondering why I read 3 books a day. Why not stick to one book and finish it before you proceed to the next?

The books that I read are different from one another. I usually read non-fiction in the morning, a self-help/motivational book during my run, and fiction at night before bed. While reading each book, I have a different thought process. I am in a different zone. You might think that if I read multiple books, I might not be able to remember what I read from each book. But, it’s not so, even though it seems like that.

Reading multiple books not only gives more knowledge but also helps me understand the perspectives of different people. I take it as a mental exercise. I am able to learn more from multiple people. Also, it is fun to do so. Being able to read different books in a single day makes you feel better about yourself, in a good way. But it is not only for the sake of saying that I read 3 books in a day. I am also learning more in a short period of time.

What I Learn From the Experience

Reading a single book can teach you a lot. So reading more books will definitely be more effective. But, it is also about how you comprehend what you read. You have to understand what each book is trying to say. That is my first priority.

The goal here is to learn. Again, I am not bragging that I read 3 books a day. Instead, I am saying that I am able to understand and learn more from this process. I have a different mindset when I read each book. As I said, I get into the zone of that book which I am currently reading.

You don’t have to do the same. Reading a single book in a day is fine. The important thing is to be more consistent and focus on learning.

The process that I use is not as easy as I sound. I always set apart the main book, which is the one at the top of my high-priority list. I read my main book in the morning when I am fresh and my focus is sharp. The other two books (the audiobook and the one before bed) are secondary. Somedays when I don’t run, don’t listen to the audiobook. Other days, when I don’t have the energy at night, I don’t read before bed. But I always read my morning book (the primary one). But I make sure I read every day.

Final Thoughts

Reading is a habit that everyone must develop. It not only makes you more knowledgeable but also helps you grow a better perspective on life. Reading is also good for the brain. It can help you improve your focus and memory. Your vocabulary also becomes better as you read.

I always carry a book with me, whether it’s a physical one or a digital one on my phone. Whenever I go out somewhere and I have to wait for someone or I am alone at a cafe, I turn to my book. My life has been a lot better ever since I have developed a habit of reading every day. Books are a part of my life just like my friends and family.

Keep on reading. Keep on learning.