How You Can Attract Abundance And Become The Person You Want To Be

If someone asks you what you want in life, you will probably say things like:

  • Financial independence
  • Nice car and house
  • Amazing relationship with partner
  • Good physical and mental health
  • A well-paying job and career

Your life becomes a constant pursuit of your wants and needs. It’s never-ending. When you manage to accomplish one thing, you want the other.

What if there was a way you could have it all?

What if the things you want come to you instead of you going after them?

What if you can attract instead of chase?

The law of attraction and visualization

We’ve all heard about the law of attraction. Most of us know about it from the book/movie The Secret.

It says that like attracts like.

What you think and feel, you attract. You will attract what you want if you maintain the right vibration of your thoughts and beliefs.

Most people begin to attract specific things with this idea. For example:

  • A fancy car
  • A big apartment
  • A “specific person”
  • $1,000,000
  • etc.

What if you didn’t need to “manifest” these things, and instead, you could become a person who has it all?

My experience with the law of attraction has been a series of ups and downs. Even though I know how it works, I sometimes have difficulty getting what I want.

But now, I don’t go after each of my desires separately. Instead, I work on becoming the person who has everything he wants. I attract everything I want. When I visualize, I see a complete picture. I see myself becoming the person I want to be.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Let’s look at the same concept from a non-manifestation perspective.

Suppose you are looking for a job at a good company. The first thing you do is send your resume to multiple companies. Then, you call them, send an email to their recruitment team, or try to get in contact with their employers on LinkedIn. Still, you don’t get any positive response.

What if instead of sending your resumes and asking for jobs, you could show your work and let them offer you one?

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve been there myself. At the beginning of my writing career, I kept looking for freelance writing jobs. I didn’t find any. Nobody responded positively. Then, I decided to keep writing quality articles on my blog and sharing them on my social media — especially LinkedIn and Twitter.

A few months later — after I had created massive work and shared it online — I got several job offers with good pay. The employers DM’ed me on my LinkedIn, asking if I would work with them. I was happy to accept their offers. I even had the choice to reject the ones I didn’t find suitable.

The same principle applies to all areas of life, whether you want to attract a good partner, work with big companies, or become financially successful.

Be proactive

You can’t have what you want without doing anything.

The law of attraction and visualization works only when you take action. You can’t expect things to come to you by doing nothing.

Your focus should lie on becoming a better person. You need to invest in yourself.

Build your garden, and you won’t ever have to chase butterflies.

Share your work, talk to people, exercise and eat healthily, and do everything that makes you the best version of yourself. Then, things will appear how you want them to be.

You become a manifesting machine.

Think about becoming the person you want to be. See and feel yourself as that person. Then, you will bring that vision to reality.

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