Here’s A Piece Of Financial Advice: Stay Healthy

Financial advice: stay healthy

I have a piece of financial advice for you: Stay healthy.

Wait, how is “staying healthy” financial advice?

I came up with this advice from a Medium post (which I couldn’t link to because I forgot to save it).

But anyway, here’s the point: Why do we save money? We do it so that we achieve financial freedom and be financially secure during the time of emergencies, right?

What is the biggest financial emergency you can imagine? The answer:

Medical problems—when you need to save a life, whether it is yours or your loved one’s.

Imagine this scenario: Suppose you have $100,000 in the bank, and it is your entire life’s saving. If your mother is in the hospital and she needs $95,000 for life-saving surgery, will you say, “Sorry, mom, this is my life’s saving; I cannot spend it on your surgery?” Hell no! At that moment, you will be glad that you have the money to save your mother’s life.

It is the type of financial emergency that we save for, because it is very unlikely that your kid gets kidnapped, and they ask for a million dollars like in the movies. That would be a different kind of financial emergency.

I am not saying that health problems are the only financial emergencies. Of course, there can be other situations too. But a medical emergency is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of “saving for a rainy day.”

So here’s the point: Why not stay healthy in the first place? Stay healthy and influence others to do the same. Do it while you have the energy. When you are young and strong, you feel like you don’t need to exercise. It feels like you have no health problems. So you eat whatever you want, watch TV, play video games, work on your desk all day, and sleep.

It might not show any effect on your health at the moment. But in the long run, you are going to suffer if you keep ignoring your health. So take care of your health while you can. Exercise, eat good food, and develop a healthy lifestyle before it’s too late.

It does not mean you will never have to pay for medical bills or go to a hospital. So, even if you live healthily, you might have a few medical problems that require you to spend money. But those will be far less as compared to the big medical issues.

The two main causes of fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. So if you focus on eating well and exercising, you might avoid such life-threatening diseases completely.

Don’t ignore your health. If there is no health, there is no you. Make it your priority by eating healthily and exercising for at least 30 minutes every day. You don’t have to go to a gym. You can do home workouts, go for a run, or do some yoga practices.

By living healthily, you will be doing yourself a favor financially. So a healthy lifestyle is not only good for your physical body but also good for your financial status. If you are healthy, you can spend your money on other life experiences and the important things that matter to you.

Start today. Ditch the junk that you eat. Move your body. Start living healthily, now.

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